Dark Joro

Asaka Mayama

The girl who sits next to me in class. Her nickname, Sasanqua, is derived by scrambling the characters of her real name… Huh? That’s odd. I seem to recall that until just recently, she had a really attention-grabbing hairstyle and gaudy outfits, too. But now she has a nice, natural look and just seems kinder than before. To be honest, now she’s my type, and even when our eyes just meet, my heart starts beating faster.

Former fashionista girl with dyed hair and gaudy clothes. Now she’s adopted a cleaner, more natural look, but honestly, I’m petrified of her classroom clique of girls. They’re like a charismatic mafia and she’s the leader. I couldn’t you tell why, but it’s like she’s singled me out. All I get from her is this standoffish attitude, but she’s the one who comes up to me! I tell you, it’s the weirdest thing! Hahaha! Oh, her nickname, “Sasanqua,” comes from mixing up the characters of her real name.

Charismatic Troop Kid A.

This is what I was talking about, Sasanqua when I feared her the most, with the flashy clothes and dyed hair.

VA Shuka Saito

VA Shuka Saito

VA Shuka Saito

  • Q1: When is your birthday?
    July 15th
  • Q2: What is your blood type?
  • Q3: What is your hobby/special skill?
    I-I kind of have confidence in making Japanese omelette.
  • Q4: What is your favorite food?
  • Q5: What is your least favorite food?
  • Q6: How would you briefly describe your personality?
    I-I’m told that I’ve got a prickly personality! So, yeah!
  • Q7: What is your personal motto (or favorite word/expression)?
    Purity! I’m doing my best to strive for that!
  • Q8: What is your favorite subject?
    N-Nobody is better than me at home ec!
  • Q9: What is your least favorite subject?
    Why do you care? But physics.
  • Q10: What are you into lately?
    G-Going around to date spots! No real reason why!
  • Q11: What’s your favorite movie??
  • Q12: What’s your favorite manga?
    I want to eat your pancreas, for example…
  • Q13: What’s your favorite novel?
    Mamma Mia!
  • Q14: Whom do you respect?
    Model/talent Nicole Fujita!
  • Q15: What is your favorite season?
    I like summer.
  • Q16: What do you love the most in the whole world?
    Th-That would be Jo… Ah! I-I mean my friends!
  • Q17: What do you hate the most in the whole world?
    I can’t stand it when I’m not honest about my feelings…
  • Q18: What animal are you most like
    A l-lion! For sure, a lion!
  • Q19: What is your most attractive feature?
    M-My forehead!
  • Q20: How do you assess your physical appearance on a 1-5 scale?
    I don’t know how to answer that… Maybe a 2…
  • Q21: What’s the first thing you do after waking up in the morning?
    Take a shower.
  • Q22: Which body part do you wash first when you take a bath?
    My left shoulder
  • Q23: Would you eat from a communal dish? How about taking directly from it with one’s own chopsticks?
    Gross! I-I would only do that kind of thing with a boyfriend… Ah!
  • Q24: What behavior of the opposite sex annoys you?
    I don’t tolerate anyone toying with a girl’s emotions!
  • Q25: What do you do when you’re stressed?
    I stuff my face with cake!
  • Q26: What kind of man or woman are you?
    I-I have to be a polished girl!
  • Q27: What reminds you the most of summer?
    I wanna go to the beach with him…
  • Q28: What reminds you the most of winter?
    I wanna spend Christmas Eve with him- Ah! I-I mean snowboarding!
  • Q29: What is your SNS icon?
    The sasanqua flower…
  • Q30: What is your future dream?
    I-I want to get marr- Ah! I mean, nothing!
  • Q31: What is a secret that you can’t tell anyone?
    Nothing! I-I don’t have any secrets!
  • Q32: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
    I’m better at doing stuff at night.
  • Q33: Are you an indoor or outdoor person?
    Either way. But…
  • Q34: Would you rather have a dog or cat?
    A cat
  • Q35: Which do you prefer, Japanese or Western-style food?
    Japanese food
  • Q36: Where would you like to go the most right now?
  • Q37: What song do you often listen to?
  • Q38: What do you often buy at convenience stores?
    Chupa Chups, stuff like that
  • Q39: What is your favorite song to sing at karaoke?
    Just a Sunny Day for You
  • Q40: What fetish do you have?
    The collarbone, for example…
  • Q41: Do you have a habit that you just can’t break?
    Recently I find myself trying to make eye contact with- Ah! I mean, nothing!
  • Q42: If you could be reborn, what would it be as?
    I’d like to be a girl who’s more honest about her feelings.
  • Q43: You see a million yen in the street. What would you do?
    Oh, I’d have to find the person who dropped it!
  • Q44: If you could bring only one thing to a desert island, what would it be?
    H-Him… Ah! Then it would be just the two of us! I couldn’t!
  • Q45: If you could have just one wish come true, what would it be?
    T-To be his girlfr- Ah! I-I mean, to be rich, yeah, that’s it!
  • Q46: If you could use a time machine, would you go to the past or future? Past
    The future me will be- Ah!
  • Q47: At what age did you stop believing in Santa Claus?
  • Q48: What is your favorite food at a festival?
    I always buy takoyaki!
  • Q49: What activity brings you the most happiness?
    M-Maybe being in class. N-Next to…
  • Q50: What is your fighting strength?
    I don’t know how to answer that… Like 2?