OVA EP13 Time to Play Ball
EP14 Our Hit and Run
EP15 The End of Our Game

Hose is the ultimate romantic comedy protagonist, who is more talented and better than me at everything. Hose and I are going to battle over Pansy at the fateful regional tournament finals. While Nishikizuta and Toshobu high schools go head-to-head in a baseball match, I’m going to battle Hose in a popularity contest. Yes, I’m going to fight fair and square…Psych! Of course not! The odds are overwhelmingly against me, so I’m going to play dirty! Mwahahaha! I know that Hose is going to follow the rules to the tee, so I’m going to do the exact opposite…Huh? What did you say? There are some new rules? Wait a sec! Why are all the rules in favor of the other guy? Himawari, Cosmos, Asunaro! Why did you betray me? Crap…I have no one on my side…The rules are all twisted…So, I have no shame in using all my dirty tricks so everyone can see!